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Probably the best video downloader that can download HD videos from the website. If you are looking for an app that can quickly download videos from the website, then this HD video downloader may be your best choice.

Video Downloader is a very fast downloader, download videos with one click in completely free, built-in browser. Simple operation can help you download videos and repost videos. And can guarantee your safety to the greatest extent possible.

Download via built-in browser:
1. Browse your favorite websites.
2. Click the video you want to download.
3. Then click the download button.

So you have finished downloading the video.

Our application has the following functions:
* Download HD videos from the website, as long as it’s your favorite video, we can help you download for free.
* Free video downloader and fast video downloader, movie downloader and video protector.
* Automatically detect video while playing video.
* Support downloads of different resolutions.
* Use Thunder 3 download acceleration engine, use multi-threading technology, increase download speed by 80%, can be the fastest video downloader
* You can download multiple videos at once and play them offline after downloading.
* We have a very professional download manager who supports stopping, restarting and deleting downloads.
* Our downloader supports resume function.
* You can use the share and forward function to share downloaded videos with friends.
* We can download HD videos.
* We have a professional built-in video player that can play videos offline when you need them.
* An mp4 video downloader, in most cases we can download MP4 videos on web pages.
* Instant access to bookmarks, history and most visited websites

We want to help users download as many videos as possible.

Free video download app
Video Downloader is a free video downloading application. If you are looking for a video download application to download videos, media clips, social clips or vimeo videos. You really need to try this free video downloading app. You can save videos and enjoy them offline, or share them on other media apps.

Help download videos from many websites.
With Video Downloader, you can download media clips, Vimeo videos and more.

Super video downloader with video detection function
With automatic video detection, HD Video Downloader can download all online videos. It is a great download application, movie downloader and download tool.

* Using a video downloader means that you agree not to use it for copyright infringement or forgery.
* This app is not a YouTube downloader. Due to the YouTube policy, you cannot download YouTube videos

If you need help, please send an email to [email protected]

Thank you for choosing us.

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