Universal Copy Apk Download For Android

Universal Copy is the fastest way to copy text on Android, even from apps that do not allow you or images inside.

In each application, start Universal Copy, select the text you want to copy, it’s done!

Easy. Simple. Very fast.

Main features Of Universal Copy Apk

– Normal status: Copy text from any application such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Chrome, WhatsApp, Tumblr, News Republic, Snapchat …
– Scanner status: Copy text inside images (OCR technology). It currently works with Chinese, Devanagari (Hindi …), Japanese, Korean and Latin (English, Portuguese …) characters.
– Agency Smart Discovery: Addresses, emails, phone numbers, @, # … are automatically detected by Universal Copy.
– Copy-Paste in 1-Tap: Perform quick actions (translate, find, share …) in the text you choose. This saves most app switching.
– Scroll mode: Select texts from multiple screens or apps to copy them all.
– Crop Status: Start the crop phase and capture all the organs you encounter while navigating.

A few examples with Universal Copy Apk

You can use Universal Copy to:
– Copy YouTube comments (the app usually leads you)
– Copy the text inside the image
– Copy all text that appears on your screen
– Copy all text from multiple pages and apps (with scroll mode)
– Extract the address inside the text message and open Google Maps to find it in less time
– Discover multiple hashtags on Instagram or Twitter and copy them all at the same time, even if they are not actually close to each other.
– Remove all accounts tagged in the post or comments

These are just a few examples, the possibilities with Universal Copy are endless!

How to use Universal Copy Apk?

1. Navigate to the application/image/document you want to copy the text to
2. Start Universal Copy mode from your notification bar or via shortcut. Choose normal or scanner mode.
3. Magic Occurs: Universal Copy cleverly detects all areas of text and extracts addresses, emails, phone numbers, @, # …
4. Choose the text you want to copy or a quick action (translate, replace, share;), it’s done!

How to organize Universal Copy Apk?

1. Download and install the application
2. Enable the Universal Copy Access service (Settings> Accessibility). This service is required for the app to work properly.
3. Universal copy is ready, you can start it anytime via: your notification drawer, tel, long press on your phone’s physical button

Note: The service can be disabled automatically by your Android system, so you need to enable the ‘Run Late App in Background’ setting on Universal Copy and disable the battery corrector for Universal Copy. Unfortunately, this issue is out of our control.

Content in the app: Universal Copy Plus

Universal copy is free to use and contains ads.
We believe that everyone should be able to copy in any application. That’s why we decided to make Universal Copy free for everyone. Advertising is bad, but it’s the only way for our team to continue to improve Universal Copy for you.
Universal Copy Plus removes ads and shows us your support.

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This app uses accessibility services. (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to access the text displayed on your screen that is copyable)

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