HedgeCam 2 Apk Download Free Latest Versoin

* Flexible photo and video settings.
* Support for focus situations, scene situations, color effects, white balance, ISO, and disclosure compensation.
* Custom user interface.
* Advanced selfie mode. Start firing by timer, face recognition, or voice commands.
* Controlled by a hardware key. Separate settings for each key.
* Show tool angle.
* Face detection support.
* Automatic image adjustment based on accelerometer data. Now your photos will never sink by the horizon.
* Disclosure bracket support.
* HDR (high dynamic limit) and DRO (dynamic range correction) image modes.
* Sound flexible settings: Ability to turn off shutter sound, select shutter sound (not supported by all devices), adjust the volume.
* Interface position for right hand or left hand.
* Widgets that allow you to click a photo or start recording a video.
* Support for Camera 2 API: manual focus distance; Guide ISO Manual Disclosure Time Manual white balance temperature; * Support for RAW (DNG) files.
* Focus bracketing condition.

The source code can be downloaded here – https://sourceforge.net/projects/hedgecam2/
Based on open camera source code.

If you would like to translate the application into your native language, just send me the language file via email. In the archive with the source code, you can find the English language file (values ​​/ strings.xml) and the incomplete language files that have been analyzed from the open camera source.

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