Download Daleplay TV APK latest v5.0.1 for Android

Daleplay TV Apk is just a fun app that you will enjoy on boring days. Download them for free and live an exciting adventure with our application. It is very simple and easy to use, you can access a lot of rich content, the latest editions,

And a wide catalog that you will love. With Daleplay TV, you can share content on TV with Chromecast and download the latest version without restrictions. All its content is updated daily. Download it. You will love it.


Click on “Daleplay TV”. There is also a subscription service for television, movies and series. You can install it on smartphones, tablets and TV boxes. So you can enjoy the best programming wherever and whenever you want.

Easy and affordable.

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What is Daleplay TV Apk

In Dell Play you will find all the premieres available in the best video stores and you will see various Bolivian movie billboards.

Daleplay TV offers two different modes to give users a better experience. The first is the flight mode, where users can play with robots and play with completely different levels or missions to unlock new game features.

The second is the online mode which is the best feature of this game. The mode allows users to easily connect with other gamers on the Internet and play a variety of games. You can play VS Attack or Head to Head, but players generally prefer VS Attack for instant fun.

It incorporates all kinds of features in the game including various skills, shooting, passing, dribbling and much more. Once you block it, nothing can stop you from reaching the goals and winning the game.

Everything here is free.

In the movie Santa Cruz:
Cinemark Bolivia
movie center
Theater in La Paz:

movie center
In the movie Cochabamba:

movie center
The answer is the cinema.
Cinema Prime Bolivia
On Venus:

SAS movies.
at dawn

square multiplex
In size:

movie center
We do not forget the players! Dellplay allows you to search the video game store for their releases and availability so you can easily find them.


We have a loyalty system with points reserved for your purchases of DVDs and movie tickets, which not all companies allow. However, you should be able to sign in to your profile and create your client code.

Our development team is constantly working to improve this app and bring you something more efficient. So feel free to send us your feedback to improve this product.

We currently offer version 3.2. This is our most recent and updated version. It is suitable for different devices. Download the APK directly from the Google Play Store or other versions hosted by us for free. Also, you can download without registration and you don’t need to login.

We have more than 2000 devices available for Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Life, Motorola, LG, Google, Oneplus, Sony, Tablet… with many options, games or software for you, you choose the one that suits you best. ilo

This can be effective if your device has country restrictions or Google App Store restrictions.

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