CFG Football App Apk Download For Android [Latest App]

CFG Football is one of the most popular football apps for Android. If you’re looking for a football game that’s more than just a simple simulator, then this app is perfect for you. With all the latest features and updates, CFG Football is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re a first-time player or an experienced one, CFG Football is sure to delight.

Introduction to CFG Football

For those who haven’t played CFG Football before, this will be a complete no-brainer for you. But for those who have and want to relive the experience, this is the perfect app.

As the name suggests, CFG Football is a football simulator. You’ll be allowed to take control of one of the more than 100 teams in the game, be it Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, or any other one. But what’s unique is that you can choose your hero. Not one of the 11 but one from each team. And then, you’ll be able to change his team’s shirt color. So if you want to support your hero’s favorite team and go all out in fantasy football, then CFG Football is the best option for you.

How to Play CFG Football

First, you need to register for a free CFG account. Don’t worry, you won’t have to create one just to use the CFG app. After you log into your CFG account, you’re ready to start playing. There are three modes you can play in CFG Football: Career, League, and Online.

Career mode is the most popular mode in CFG Football and where most people usually start. After you finish one of your Career matches, you’ll be awarded with ranking points based on your performance. Once you level up, you’ll be able to earn bonus points by playing against opponents of the same level. The highest ranking will net you five times the ranking points that you’ll earn from the previous match.

With your ranking points, you can purchase a new contract to play in the League.

What is CFG Football Apk

CFG Football is a very popular football simulator and a simulation game app for Android. You can play online matches and even host your own tournament. Not just that, you can also get even more crazy with CFG Football with the latest update. With the update, you can play as FIFA 18, Premier League, Champions League and Europa League teams. Additionally, you can get used challenges from famous football clubs like Arsenal, PSG, Liverpool and many more.

Features of CFG Football Apk

Unlike most other sports simulators, CFG Football doesn’t have any boring drills or training sessions. Instead, you can use the training sessions to improve your skills and improve the level of your player. When you hit the ground, you’ll actually be playing the game.

Details of APK

CFG Football APK is available for free download on the Google Play Store. Simply download the app and install it. Once the app is installed, open it to log in.

Features of CFG Football App Apk

Introducing the latest CFG Football development, the most recent CFG Football app release comes with an all new UI, an improved tracking system, tons of new and fantastic features, including a 3D Simulation mode for ultimate user customization, smooth Play with friends for the perfect real-life match, and so much more.

It also has an updated look and new ground rules.

There is also a fully integrated social media integration, allowing users to create their own team in the CFG universe, display trophies, players and titles, watch live broadcasts and much more.

Key Features of The Apk

Daily Subscriptions

No matter how many hours pass by without you playing any football game, you can access the live matches via the match schedule. It’s easily one of the best features of the app. In just 2 taps, you can open the notification panel and access live matches.

Real Player Performance

Ever wonder what’s the difference between that striker who scored a goal on the weekend and the one who played against the same team two weeks ago? Maybe you want to know which player is performing best on a particular position or which player is leading the team on attack. CFG Football makes it easy to track those kind of statistics.

Player Training

Every team has its starting 11 and bench players. The regular training sessions are one of the most crucial parts of any team.

How To Download CFG Football App

Download and install the latest CFG Football app via Google Play store.

With the latest version of CFG, you can experience all the different modes like quick match, news, stats and ratings.

For more details and technicalities about CFG, click here.

If you are here in India, just go to this page and choose from the different stores.

Don’t forget to try all the regular online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and more.

Best of luck with your football addiction.

Who doesn’t love football? If you are, then you’ll love this application. We’re sure you’ll find something in it to keep you entertained.

More Football Games

Nowadays, you will find different football games available for you to play online.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

If you’re not familiar with Android APK installation process, then you need to read this first. The complete installation procedure of CFG Football is divided into 3 steps. Follow the complete instructions and install the CFG Football app on your Android device.

How To Install CFG Football APK

Step 1: Download the CFG Football APK file from this link.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in step 1.

Step 3: Click on the “Install” button to install CFG Football on your Android device.

Once the process is done, the CFG Football APK will be installed on your device. If you see an error screen, you need to delete the APK, else there’s nothing you can do.


From the user reviews, we can safely say that CFG Football is the most popular football app for Android devices.

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CFG Football is one of the best football apps for Android that is worth checking out. There’s more to this app than just a simple simulation game. You get access to realistic team formations, kick-off times, live match schedules, all the latest news about upcoming fixtures, club news, fantasy football news and more. You will surely enjoy your time with CFG Football.

All in all, CFG Football is one of the best apps for Android. It’s definitely one of the better sports apps out there, and it’s definitely worth the download if you’re an avid sports fan. If you’re looking for an offline mode, then you should probably keep looking. If you’re looking for a great football game, then make sure to try out CFG Football. It’s one of the best apps out there.